There’s probably 100 versions of this coat out there, so why not add one more πŸ™‚ I made it top only, left the original colors and added some of my colors to it as well. Basegame compatible 32 swatches AF, TF & EF Category – situation, cold weather Allowed for random Download HERE (no Adfly) Edit: had to fix the specular, wasn’t good :/ redownload if you have the old version πŸ™‚Read More →

I wanted to bring a dash of old Hollywood glamour to the game, so I tried to recreate this gorgeous coat. It went sort of well, I just couldn’t make the belt longer because it kept clipping with the belly, so I made it a bit shorter and voila πŸ˜€ Technical stuff: Basegame compatible 20 swatches Set for AF, TF & EF Category – situation, cold weather It’s top only – jacket Allowed for random Download HERE (no Adfly)Read More →

Today I have another retro treat for your Sims – Hercules Storm Coat. The Storm Coat is described as “easy to look at and hard to beat for warmth and wear”. Being both waterproof as well as wind repellent, your Sims will feel warm in any weather πŸ™‚ Technical stuff: Basegame compatible (new mesh) 15 swatches, some of which are in my new retro palette Set for AM, TM & EM Category – cold weather, situation, party Allowed for random Download HERE (No AdFly as always) Made with Sims4Studio, inspired by this image (and I’m hoping to do the rest of them too)Read More →

This is an edit of the Historical dress that came with Get Famous. I’ve widened the bottom part and made it longer, as well as enhanced the backside area as victorian girls used to wear it πŸ™‚ The package contains 20 patterns, some of them heavily inspired by the outfits from All About Style. 20 patterns AM/TM/EM Everyday Basegame compatible as it’s a new mesh Download HERENo Adfly ^^ Other CC in the screenshot: PralineSims eyesRead More →