Month: October 2019

Today I bring you a set of swimsuits for your Sims kids. They are unisex, so you’ll find them both in the male and female category. The package contains 12 swimsuits, mostly blue and red They are based upon All About Style’s swimwear Get it HERE πŸ™‚Read More →

Sims girls love wearing fashionable clothes, and these dresses would make even the most it girl feel envy. The package contains six dresses made of only the best fabrics, Maxis match of course. Get them HERE Thanks for downloading. Credits: All About Style for inspirationRead More →

As usual, I needed some more colorful furniture, because why not πŸ™‚ So I recolored the Soothing Sleeper single and double beds in my palette, as well as some random colors because we all need more colors in our lives, no? Anyway, get the Single Bed HERE and the Double Bed HERE.Read More →

I wanted to create a set of rugs to go with the rest of my creations, so I went a bit wild there and created a set with over thirty patterns πŸ˜€ There are two packages, Colorful Rugs and Colorful Rugs Striped There’s a total of 18 colors / patterns in each package They match quite well with my living room and any other creation Get the Colorful Rugs HERE and the striped version HERE. Thanks for downloading πŸ™‚Read More →

Today I bring you one of my favorite Sims 4 beds in many colorful patterns ^^ The package contains The Utopiate bed in 24 patterns, all based on my palette. Now I wish I had some of these irl, but ah well πŸ˜€ Get it HERE. Other CC in the screenshots: PatronusXCharm’s Paintings AroundTheSims pots and plantsRead More →

I recolored my favorite livingroom set (well, cheapest, my Sims are always broke xD) to match my Colorful Kitchen. Hey, cheap homes can look cool too πŸ˜€ The set contains the Squarely There Sofa and Loveseat and the Lap of Luxury Modern chair It comes in my palette, which I realize has some similar colors but I like it this way xD Maxis match as usual Get it HERE. Thanks for downloading! Some other things used in the screenshot: PatronusXCharm’s Paintings 80S Pillows by SuspiciouslyPinkLady AroundTheSims pots and plantsRead More →

I really liked the button-down sweaters, but I didn’t really liked the colors, so naturally I recolored them. They come in two options, solids in my palette and 16 colorful patterns. Get the solids HERE Get the patterns HERE No adfly and similar crap πŸ™‚ Thanks for downloading! Other CC content in the screenshot: MYOBI’s dry lips My ripped jeans PralineSims eyesRead More →

I have a very similar pair (make it several pairs) of such shorts and I wear them all Summer, so I wanted to bring something similar into the game πŸ™‚ The package contains 12 pairs of high waist shorts based on the Holiday Celebration jeans, and will show up in everyday and hot weather category. Get them HERE. Thanks for downloading πŸ™‚ Other CC in the screenshot: SimLusion’s Earrings My edit of MYOBI’s dry lips PralineSims eyesRead More →

I needed something cute and colorful for my Sim girls, so I created a set of graphic t-shirts to match their colorful personalities ^^ The package contains 12 t-shirts, in bright and pastel colors. Download it HERE. Thanks for downloading πŸ™‚Read More →

I was bored, so I created another soft fluffy knit sweater for my Sim ladies. It comes (again) in 30 colors + black and white. Get it HERE πŸ™‚ Other CC in the screenshot: MYOBI’s dry lips BEO Creations Diamond Ring PralineSims eyesRead More →