Month: October 2019 (Page 2)

So, I really like my new palette πŸ˜€ And since winter is coming (#neverforget), I recolored the basegame sweaters. Not much else to say, they are pretty basic πŸ™‚ Get them HERE. No adfly and similar crap ^^ Other CC in the screenshot: MYOBI’s dry lips PralineSims eyes My ripped jeansRead More →

I noticed most workout clothes for Sims are kinda ill-fitting so I decided to make a pair of workout leggings that would look amazing when our Simmies pose for their Simstangram πŸ˜€ The package contains 12 pairs of workout leggings AF/TF/Elder athletic and everyday Get them HERE πŸ™‚ Other CC in the screenshot: MYOBI’s dry lips PralineSims eyes My sneakers which I’ll upload later πŸ™‚Read More →

I love skinny jeans. All I wear are skinny jeans πŸ˜€ So ofc, I had to make something similar in game as well, so today I bring you a collection of high waist skinny jeans. There’s a total of three different designs, all taken from other EA jeans, recolored and edited to fit my Sims gals style πŸ™‚ Get them HERE – no adfly and similar stuff. Other CC in the screenshot: MYOBI’s dry lips PralineSims eyesRead More →

I don’t know about you guys, but I love having a nice house, even if my Sims are broke, and the default cheap kitchen was kinda meh. So naturally, I went ahead and created a new kitchen which will match all of my other recolors. The kitchen comes in 30 colors I’ve recolored the cabinet, island and counter The colors are pretty bright, but I love my new palette XD Get it HERE – no adfly and similar crap, as usual πŸ™‚ Other stuff used in the screenshot: Shannanisims amazing Paint by numbers paintings LinaCheries’s little framesRead More →

The package contains a nightgown in eight patterns/colors from the Edwardian era. Ruffled, flowing and with a cute little bow, this nightgown would make every Sims lady happy. 8 patterns AM/TM/EM Sleepwear Inspired by All About Style Victorian outfits Download HERE Other CC in the screenshot: PralineSims eyesRead More →

Inspired by several Google results regarding Victorian winter fashion, I created a warm coat for my Sim ladies. The coat comes with a dress in similar colors, so it all fits well, and has a bit of fur to keep them warm during cold winter evenings. Technical stuff: Basegame compatible 20 swatches Set for AF, TF & EF Category – cold weather Not allowed for random Known issues: it won’t work with tall boots. Not sure why, I haven’t been able to figure that out yet. If anyone has an idea, ping me πŸ™‚ Download HERE (sfs) or HERE (mediafire)No Ads Other CC in theRead More →

This is an edit of the Historical dress that came with Get Famous. I’ve widened the bottom part and made it longer, as well as enhanced the backside area as victorian girls used to wear it πŸ™‚ The package contains 20 patterns, some of them heavily inspired by the outfits from All About Style. 20 patterns AM/TM/EM Everyday Basegame compatible as it’s a new mesh Download HERENo Adfly ^^ Other CC in the screenshot: PralineSims eyesRead More →