I wanted to create a set of rugs to go with the rest of my creations, so I went a bit wild there and created a set with over thirty patterns 😀 There are two packages, Colorful Rugs and Colorful Rugs Striped There’s a total of 18 colors / patterns in each package They match quite well with my living room and any other creation Get the Colorful Rugs HERE and the striped version HERE. Thanks for downloading 🙂Read More →

I recolored my favorite livingroom set (well, cheapest, my Sims are always broke xD) to match my Colorful Kitchen. Hey, cheap homes can look cool too 😀 The set contains the Squarely There Sofa and Loveseat and the Lap of Luxury Modern chair It comes in my palette, which I realize has some similar colors but I like it this way xD Maxis match as usual Get it HERE. Thanks for downloading! Some other things used in the screenshot: PatronusXCharm’s Paintings 80S Pillows by SuspiciouslyPinkLady AroundTheSims pots and plantsRead More →