Modern Objects

I have yet another recolor for you, this time the bathtub showers, or shower bathtub, or basically the bathtubs which also include a shower 🙂I’ve recolored the two expensive ones and the cute vintagey one: Xtreme Shower Tub – 16 swatches, 5 of which are new custom designs Under The Sea Clawfoot Tub – 22 swatches, 6 of which are the original basegame swatches Double Delight Shower – 30 swatches, all matching the ingame towel racks The package contains all three files, get them HERE (no adfly etc.) See them in action below 🙂Read More →

Today I bring you an edit / recolor of the basegame Tall Order Vintage Kitchen. I made the kitchen a bit more “modern” by removing the wavy decorations, and I’ve recolored the cabinets, counters and the kitchen island in my standard 32 colors. Get it HERE – no adfly as usualRead More →

I plan on recoloring all of the kitchen sets I have in game, so beware 😀With that in mind, here’s another recolor for you – the Alpha Beta Phong kitchen which came with the Cool Kitchen pack. The kitchen comes in 32 colors, and is bright as f, but I like it that way 🙂I’ve recolored the counter, cabinets and the kitchen island. Get it HERE – no adfly – Cool Kitchen Stuff required *Read More →

Joose Kitchen

Today I bring you a recolor of the Joose Kitchen from the Spa Day pack. The kitchen comes in my standard 32 colors, and I’ve recolored the counter, cabinets and kitchen island. Get it HERE – no adfly* Spa Day requiredRead More →

After a long hiatus, I started making mods again, mainly because I’m pregnant and at home and bored af XD. So anyway, I’ve recolored the BroHill kitchen (what a strange name) in my standard palette as well as the “ModernWooden”cabinet, which seems to go well with it. The kitchen comes in 44 colors I’ve recolored the cabinet, island and counter Get it HERE – no adfly One note, when using the corner cabinet piece, the color looks weird. I have no idea why it happens, but it happens :/Read More →