Wi(l)de Pants

Ever since I started playing the retro theme, I was looking for a pair of proper 50s style high waisted wide pants, you know the ones everyone used to wear, including hunks like Marlon Brando and James Dean 🙂

So I tried to make them myself, and well, failed miserably several times. I tried editing existing meshes, I tried frankenmeshing something, but I just can’t figure out how to make high waist pants for male Sims with proper morphs. At the end, I had to give up (#sosad), and I made these wide, but not-so-high pants for retro Sims. I’m actually quite happy how they turned out 🙂

Technical stuff:

  • Basegame compatible (new mesh)
  • 20 swatches, 12 solids and 8 striped
  • Set for AM, TM & EM
  • Category – cold weather, situation, everyday
  • Allowed for random

Download HERE (No AdFly as always)

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