Today I bring you an edit / recolor of the basegame Tall Order Vintage Kitchen. I made the kitchen a bit more “modern” by removing the wavy decorations, and I’ve recolored the cabinets, counters and the kitchen island in my standard 32 colors. Get it HERE – no adfly as usualRead More →

Joose Kitchen

Today I bring you a recolor of the Joose Kitchen from the Spa Day pack. The kitchen comes in my standard 32 colors, and I’ve recolored the counter, cabinets and kitchen island. Get it HERE – no adfly* Spa Day requiredRead More →

I don’t know about you guys, but I love having a nice house, even if my Sims are broke, and the default cheap kitchen was kinda meh. So naturally, I went ahead and created a new kitchen which will match all of my other recolors. The kitchen comes in 30 colors I’ve recolored the cabinet, island and counter The colors are pretty bright, but I love my new palette XD Get it HERE – no adfly and similar crap, as usual 🙂 Other stuff used in the screenshot: Shannanisims amazing Paint by numbers paintings LinaCheries’s little framesRead More →